Wednesday, June 04, 2014

We're just not the same person we used to be.

Its been ages since I last update things here , I bet everyone was busy mending their life and yeah as for me , its been such tough months ( it was - it is and hope soon the tense washed away ). Perhaps because we're older and we tend to notice things. Whats even worse ( or I can say good ) , we tend to take things much more seriously. Kot. I hope so.

Occasionally I went through Zai's facebook album because he stored most of our fond memories in Selandar. And I just did. Looking through the past years. Reading through the comments , surely our language usage changed as well. But whats even better , suprisingly looking at those years , after 3 years passed by , I can say most of us - we changed to good. I can say most of us. And its a pleasant feeling knowing you guys were living your life to the fullest. 

Its like how I looked back through those years , I could have taken academic matter much serious than I used to be . Its like realizing covering your aurah is not just based on the rules and regulation from the school - but its something that make yourself much more valuable  not to mention its Allah's guideline for how Muslim shall behave . I've been waiting such moments where I do things because I know that I need to but not that I am forced to. And certainly , I've met some of that points in life. And I do know my Machinants met that points in your life. 

I don't know but I just wanted to spill some thoughts here. Most probably because I was looking through our pictures back then and its something that you can;t help but to fell into the memory lanes. 2011 - 2012 -2013 -2014 ( I surely missed lots of things about you guys - mampu baca conversation twitter je tapi kadang tu rasa macam awkward nak interfere ) . But I guess its okay kot untuk ada ruang untuk saling tak jumpa - saling tak bertegur sapa - bak kata Ain Syuhadah , " Bagi ruang untuk kita rindu satu sama lain " - she said this when we're discussing whether we shall have the second iftar batch this year. 


random pictures. 

And anyway , if you guys reading through this line : Take care. Serious jaga diri. Jaga ibadah - lets always recite Kahfi - make ourself close to Al-Quran recital - familiarize ourself with zikr. Kalau kita mampu download berjuta playlist lagu bermacam bahasa , it shall be nice to keep zikr and Al-Quran recital inside your gadgets. Be the good person you'll always want to be. 

Once a Machinants , forever I would be, forever we would be.

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